Constitutional Reform

Dr. Isatou Touray is committed to the advancement of democracy and promotion of human rights in an environment in which the dignity and integrity of the person is sacrosanct; a society in which people make informed choices to advance their interest in the context of broader development goals and objectives of The Gambia. If elected president, I will institute the following constitutional reforms:

  • Introduction of a presidential term limit of two 5 year terms to promote democracy and effective participation of the citizenry.
  • Re-introduce the second round voting system, to ensure that, no party governs Gambia without the expressed approval of at least 51% of the electorate.
  • Encourage political pluralism by removing all barriers to political participation including the restrictive fees that political parties and those seeking elective office are required to pay to be registered and voted for.
  • Removal of the age barrier that prevents citizens of The Gambia above the age of sixty five years from seeking elective office as president.
  • I will abrogate the presidential power to dissolve the National Assembly and plug all constitutional loopholes that allow the president to fire elected members of the National Assembly, and terminate the services of serving judges.
  • Repeal the local Government Act 2007 to ensure that our local government administration is purely based on democratically elected councils as opposed to the present hybrid system of presidential appointments and popular election with no autonomy whatsoever.
  • Seyfolu (chiefs), will be elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage. The terms of office of local council chairmen/women and mayors will be limited to 2 terms and would be elected on the basis of universal adult suffrage.
  • Alkalolu will be selected by village elders, taking into account traditional lines of inheritance taking gender into consideration. In the absence of a consensus, the issue shall be subject to election.