A good education is vital to achieving personal fulfillment and economic prosperity. While we have witnessed an increasing willingness and readiness for enrollment on the part of parents and pupils, including girls’ education, the quality of education has attained a worrying level of decline.

The majority of high school graduates, lacking both in academic grades and technical education are often ill-equipped for the demands of the job market. Quality education is made by excellent teachers. We want a high-quality education for all our children, making sure there are adequate resources for learning. I will invest in training teachers to the highest level in response to our educational needs.

Every teacher will be trained to attain a qualified teacher status. The training of teachers will be reviewed so that trainees spend equal time in the college and in the field. There will be a review of teachers’ salaries and promotion avenues, so that more teachers will be motivated to remain in the profession.

I will add quality to education for all our children, raise teaching standards, and increase funding for research in the tertiary institutions, so that the youth will acquire knowledge that will equip them for work. I will create more career paths to success for the youth by establishing a system of technical education and training and the guarantee of an apprenticeship for every school leaver with the required grades.

The university will be improved to compete favorably with other tertiary institutions in the world. I will facilitate partnership and twinning programmes with other universities, leveraging networks I have built around the world. Deserving Gambians of great academic achievements and experience will be encouraged to come and make their contributions to improve this sector. I will encourage academic freedom, intellectual liberty and progressive thinking.

With the availability of resources I will accord equal emphasis to all subject matters to thrive equally and not see any subject matter as a threat to power. The administration of the university will be based on principles of merit and standards. My government will give great priority to research.