Foreign Policy

Bilateral Relations and Cooperation

The Gambia under the current APRC regime has an uneasy relationship with its development partners such as the European Union (EU), The Commonwealth and other countries. The relationship between the Gambia and Senegal is strained, and relations have been strained further by border disagreements.

Regional, sub-regional and international policy

Under my leadership, The Gambia will maintain a stable, respectable and friendly relation with its immediate neighbor, Senegal. This will be based on mutual interest and respect for our territorial co-existence of the people of both countries to advance sustainable development, peace and respect for each other.

As president, I will work to improve Gambia’s foreign and bi-lateral relations. I will respect the policy agreements to promote effective political dialogue to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

My administration will promote Gambian interest with the international organizations such as The Commonwealth, IOC, UN, GATT, World Bank, European Union and IMF as well as other regional bodies in the continent.  I will seek readmission of The Gambia to the Commonwealth.

Partnership with donors

We shall rebuild our relationship with our development partners within the context of a renewed national commitment to serving the interest of the Gambian people without compromising our sovereignty. We shall work towards empowering the country to regain its respect among the Committee of Nations.