The Diaspora

The Gambian Diaspora is an important group that has been excluded from the development agenda by the APRC regime. About 65,000 Gambians remit over $ 90 million annually estimated as more than twice the foreign direct investment and almost matches the net official development assistance (ODA) and official aid to The Gambia. Despite this feat, Gambians in The Diaspora have been consistently denied their inalienable right to vote in elections, and have been excluded from having any meaningful say in the country.

In a bid to empower The Gambian Diaspora and promote inclusiveness in national development, we will institute the following reforms:

  • Extend universal suffrage to all Gambians living abroad.
  • Restructure the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a view to create an official channel devoid of bureaucracy to allow Gambians abroad to invest directly in The Gambia.
  • Create incentives for investment by entrepreneurs, including tax breaks, land allocation, and government support for the establishment of businesses and programs vital to national interest.
  • Create employment opportunities for the youth to stem the tide of perilous migration through the “backway”
  • Create a database of all persons of Gambian origin (PGO) in highly skilled professions