Dr. Touray appreciates support from Vanguard Africa

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Dr. Isatou Touray, an independent candidate for president in The Gambia, wishes to formally acknowledge the pro-bono support being extended to her campaign by Vanguard Africa, the only organization of its kind that provides assistance to pro-reform, ethical leaders in Africa.

Dr. Touray wishes to express gratitude and appreciation to the organization, and its founding director Jeffrey Smith, who is a longtime Gambian advocate, for their timely and invaluable gesture.

Vanguard Africa seeks to promote free and fair elections, good governance and democracy in Africa as a means to ensure sustainable human development. To achieve this objective, the organization offers to “support visionary leaders and pro-reform political candidates who are committed to democracy, accountability, and transparency.

“We are incredibly honored to extend our support to Dr. Touray and her campaign. She embodies the type of transformational leadership that The Gambia has been sorely lacking,” said Vanguard Africa’s director, Jeffrey Smith. “I firmly believe that Dr. Touray offers the best chance to instill democracy and to inspire a new generation of Gambians. The good people of Gambia deserve so much better, and we will do everything we can to assist in Dr. Touray’s incredibly brave and selfless endeavor.”

Dr. Touray appreciates the crucial support from Vanguard Africa as it further strengthens her convictions that indeed the time for change has arrived in The Gambia. In expressing her gratitude, Dr. Touray wishes to fully align herself with the mission of Vanguard Africa— namely, that the continent’s first problem is a fundamental lack of good governance and ethical leadership.

As stated on the Vanguard Africa website: “Democratic governance may not be Africa’s most apparent problem to observers, but it is Africa’s first problem. Before leaders can address prevailing economic, health, education, and development challenges, we must first help to ensure free and fair election processes — with honest, independent, and ethical leaders at the forefront — thereby allowing citizens to exercise their democratic rights and choose a brighter and more prosperous future.”

Dr. Isatou Touray once again makes this clarion call on all Gambians to rise up to fulfill their obligations to their country by uniting behind her campaign, which seeks to salvage the nation from the clutches of a two-decades long tyranny.

While appreciating the role and contribution of Gambia’s opposition parties, Dr. Touray will continue to make a special appeal to its leaders and supporters to consider her emergence as the most viable opportunity to bring democracy to our beleaguered motherland.

Thank you, Vanguard Africa. Forward with One Gambia.