Campaign Code of Conduct

We need the space that democracy gives us to exercise our franchise to effect the change we want for the Gambia in a non-violent way. To effect this change we need to build bridges rather than to be divided by religion, ethnicity and hatred for each other. Peace, happiness and progress are needed, but we have to create the conditions so we can all live them.

Therefore to achieve the change we want, all those who support my leadership must respect the following code of conduct during the campaign period:

  • No character assassination ethnic or religious bigotry • Focus /Pitch your analyses around issues that affect Gambia(ns)
  • Use evidence that is already on the public domain that you can substantiate with references
  • No fights and insults • Be respectful to all parties and show why the independent candidate is important
  • Focus on the changes envisaged for all Gambians
  • The international community should not be a target for hate speeches
  • Respect and recognition for diversity
  • In case of any abuse of your rights by the security forces, comply and follow the rule of law